Child Support:

All parents owe a duty to financially support their child. Child Support is calculated based on the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines using 1 of 3 different worksheets: A, B and C. The appropriate worksheet is determined based on the number of overnights each parent has with the child.

Worksheet A is used when one parent has primary physical custody of the child and the other has secondary. Worksheet B is used when parents share joint physical custody of the child. Worksheet C is used when there are multiple children and each parent has primary custody of at least one of the children.

The worksheet will calculate child support based on both parents’ gross monthly income and give credits to the parent who is paying for the minor child’s health insurance and/or work-related childcare. Although not as common, the worksheet can also factor in any extraordinary expenses either parent might pay on behalf of the child. It is important when calculating child support to make sure each parent’s income is being accurately represented as parties often try to hide or reduce their incomes to manipulate child support amounts.

Attorney Erica Jackson has years of experience handling simple and complicated child support cases and ensuring that her clients receive what they are entitled to for their child or don’t end up overpaying the other parent.