Alimony / Post-Separation Support:

Spousal support is an amount of money that one spouse may be ordered to pay the other for their support and maintenance after a separation. A court would need to determine that there was a difference in income between the parties such that one party is financially dependent on their spouse.

When determining the amount and duration of post-separation support or alimony, the court will consider several factors such as age, education, the duration of the marriage, and whether either spouse committed any marital misconduct during the marriage. The court will then examine the incomes and expenses of the parties.

Whether a spouse is awarded or ordered to pay spousal support or alimony involves an incredibly complex examination of all these factors (and more) and is very fact-specific. If not handled correctly, you could lose thousands. Attorney Erica Jackson analyzes each individual case with both logic and an eye toward the law. Her experience will allow her to successfully negotiate or litigate your spousal support amount, whether you are seeking an award or defending against a claim for spousal support.